Limehouse – Margaretness – Brentford: 12 May 2012

The first day of the official pageant rehearsals. We were the last of 16 boats to lock out at Limehouse. Turned left, and then a gentle run downstream. on the ebbing tide, to reach Margaret Ness at low water. Managed to avoid bumping into HMS OCEAN, and admired the new Cutty Sark.  Saw the new cable car at the O2 being tested.

After a brief pause – most other boats had been there for over an hour, eating lunch, a bracing  run up with the tide to Brentford. Tested out the temporary pageant moorings between Dove Pier adnd Chiswick Eyot  – only installed the day before, turning down into the tide and mooring three abreast. Locked in at Brentford and squashed ourselves into the remaining space – four abreast on the waterpoint. 8 people got off and the following day’s crew (5) boarded.

35 miles, three locks.

More photos here


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