Limehouse to Chiswick (twice: 19 and 20 May)

On Saturday we took part in the rehearsal – out and back within the day, pausing for lunch at the moorings at Chiswick Eyot, just upstream of Dove Pier Hammersmith. My parents were on board for the day, and sister Hilary, to get a flavour of the event. Picked up the film crew again, at Dove Pier (very helpful people there). First test for the complete flag & bunting rig – it passed the test well! Enjoyed the trip so much we repeated the trip on Sunday, with different crew. 20.4 naut miles each day. Overcast, and quite rough around Tower Bridge. We are all getting better at formation boating.

Saturday – left mooring 1450, at ten mins after HW (in turn 40 mins after HWLB). Average speed Putney to Tower 6.1 knots.

Sunday – left at HW so average speed Putney to Tower 5.6 knots. Quite rough  in places, so I slowed down a bit. We had the father of a BNC student on board.

More photos here

Photos from Natascha, one of the crew on Saturday.

Photos from Hilary, also on Saturday (password required)


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