Final pageant rehearsal – 27 May 2012

An early start – engine running at 0430 – in order to get 26 boats through both locks at Brentford and ready for the formation run downstream to Limehouse at 0630. 5 abreast from just downstream of Kew rail bridge, as far as Lambeth bridge where we singled up, not least as only one arch at Blackfriars was in use, for upstream and downstream traffic.

A sparkling day’s cruising! A bit of a wait  to get in at Limehouse, but everyone made it – with 0.8m over the cill at low water – and nobody was forced to wait on the pontoon. Richard took a number of photos to illustrate the range of techniques deployed when entering Limehouse on the ebb.

See GPS tracker – it gets interesting 2 hours in, so speed it up to 3000x, and then slow down to 12x or 24x on departure from Brentford Creek.

More photos here.


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