31 May 2012 – collecting boats from Brentford

Spent Wednesday evening clearning up 8 litres of diesel from the engine room floor, and dealing with the source (a loose drain plug on the main fuel filter.

Then on Thursday a straightforward run up to Brentford, with Peter and crew on LONGMEAD, to collect two boats bound for Limehouse. By chance – and maintaining a good lookout on the VHF – we met up with GRUMPY BEAR TOO, the other boat in the pageant representing the Great Ouse Boating Association. So some good photo-opportunities. (See the reference in their blog!)

In the event only CENTENARY came with us, as BARROGILL had damaged their rudder and was waiting for the dry dock. Also picked up BARELY AWAKE at Chiswich Pier. Five boats also arrived from Teddington, led by HAZELL NUT, making nine to get in at Limehouse – neatly fitting into three lockfuls.

Some photos here, including of ships arriving for the Avenue of Sail.

GPS tracks: pootling around at Brentford waiting for the photo-op, and downstream


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