5-8 June: Limehouse to Reading

An exciting tideway trip, with Compass Rose and Jasmine, both making their first trip on the tideway (though with lots of boating experience!). On exiting Limehouse we were overaken by a large number of historic boats, and others from the recreational squadron, who had left West India earlier in the morning. Then we had the fun of a tango with a tug and barge train just upstream of Vauxhall Bridge, who turned across the tide to moor up to Nine Elms buoy. An impressive manouvre to observe from close quarters. GPS tracker here. We were joined by the Raven family, bringing to  55 the nunber of people who have been on Scholar Gypsy since it arrived in Limehouse on 11 May! A bit of a queue to get through Teddington, but no big drama…

The rain had stopped by the time we reached Hampton Court, but the weather was windy and wet for the next two days until we reached Reading (mooring at Egham and Bourne End on the way). The current was running at about a knot, more in some places (eg the narrow stretch just below Bray), but never threatened the achievement of our objective.



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