30 June – 1st July: a weekend trip to Henley

Peter and I took a gentle trip from the marina at Reading down to Henley. Not too much traffic. Saw Emma & Mike in the enclosure on the Saturday afternoon. Moored at 3pm, then after a snooze and a visit to the Anchor (as recommended by the admiral) we went down in the evening to see the fireworks (courtesy of Henley Lions) at 2230. Excellent!  A slightly manic trip back in the dark (lots of unlit rowing boats) but we made it. On Sunday we went down the course again, saw the Gloriana rowing upstream before racing began, and then watched a few races while cruising slowly upstream. Saw a  number of other boats flying their pageant flags…

Set off for Reading shortly after 12, to beat the congestion (which we did).  Spoke to Peter Skolar (of Lucy Locket V) at the bottom of his garden just below Shiplake lock.

22 miles, 6 locks. The plants (installed by Griff and Sal in West India Dock a few weeks ago) are doing very well.

More photos in photobox


One thought on “30 June – 1st July: a weekend trip to Henley

  1. thank you simon – I did watch some races on Thursday – my university (London) was beaten by Newcastle – I returned to Henley on Sunday just too late for the fireworks but not the rain you were luckier judging from the fine photos – Denise


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