Tideway trip – Easter 2013

I was lucky to join once more the SPCC trip from Limehouse to the Fox at Hanwell. Perry and Bev of NB NEVERLAND were kind enough to give me a lift. A quiet day on the river. We had to wait two hours for the lockkeeper to arrive at Brentford. By that time (1615) it was high tide and the headroom at Brentford Bridge was reduced to about 4 feet, so we had to wait another hour for the water to recede. The towpath (leading to the residential moorings) was under 2 feet of water in places.

Here are:

  • some photos, including the ballet (in several Acts) with the tug RESOURCE and various barges that they dropped off at Nine Elms & near Battersea Rail Bridge. Note also (photo 12, and also below) the first use of my “portable fixed” radio  – a full power marine VHF set, powered by a battery pack normally used to jump start the car. Charging points for the phone and for the handheld set also included.  It just fits in  my rucksack. Coffee-cup holder to be added in Mk II.


  • a GPS tracker recording  of our journey. You may wish to speed it up a bit. We were keen to make good speed, as the river was closed  for 3 hours near Putney to enable rehearsals for the boat race (of which there was not much sign). Hence the recorded speed of over 7 knots in some places, and what the software describes as a personal best over 12 mins (namely 6.7 kts / 1.34 nmi between Victoria Rail brdge and Chelsea Creek – possibly because RESOURCE was closing from astern). Once past Hammersmith we dawdled, so that the second  lockful of boats could catch up & we could get some group photos.


I met the convoy at Old Ford Lock on the Regents just before 0800. We finally moored up near the Fox in Hanwell at 1800. Participants: Doris Katia (on the right inthe photo above ..), Neverland, Salar, Snooty Coot and Ketura.

New “portable fixed” radio set: have licence, will travel



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