Deptford Creek – June 2013


SPCC were leading a rare excursion to the head  of the Deptford Creek. I did a recce by land, to find the relatively few access points, and inspect the mud (this was about 2.5 hours before HWLB).

Waited on the west side of the creek mouth, next to a sculpture of Peter the Great to mark the four months he spent in Deptford in 1696. Took photos of the convoy of four boats navigating around other craft on the tideway and then on their way up the creek. Roger Stocker was also there – more sensibly he brought his bike, but I had to jog. Good access via the car park of the cash and carry on the east side of the creek, near to the head of navigation.

Cadged a lift with ARTHUR DENT on the way back – the only feasible access point is a new(-ish) ladder between the railway bridge and the adjacent new footbridge. After lunch, and a lumpy trip to Limehouse, locked down into the basin (the bridge had to be swung, a first for me) and worked the locks up to Mile End.

See some photos  – also including some from my sister Hilary who was attending a party in honour of the narrowboat visitors, held in the rather fine warehouse (“Mumfords of Greenwich”) overlooking the head of navigation.


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