Summer cruise – August 2013

The main summer cruise – from Braunston to Inglesham (the head of navigation on the Thames, near Lechlade) and back. 170 miles and 99 locks (an odd number as we went via Duke’s Cut and returned via Sheepwash channel, with an overnight mooring on Christchurch Meadow). A very relaxing trip – great weather, and a very pleasant surprise to visit the Upper Thames again after nearly twenty years. So within just over a year I have navigated every inch of the Thames from Inglesham to Gravesend!

We were lucky to pass Kelmscott Manor on a day that it was open – well worth a trip.

We enjoyed a day pottering in Lechlade (and shopping at the butcher), and a night-time cruise in Oxford, from Folly Bridge to Iffley lock, meeting a very loud Salters Steamer party boat. Near Dukes lock we chatted with Mel and Karen on SMOOTH AS SILK – I first met them in April for a tideway trip.

A mixture of crew – at various times my parents (Harry & Mary), Jane, Peter & Hugh, Ian and Matt Cox, and Rachel Burd – plus a few days solo cruising.

Technical projects were: understanding the new smartgauge on the batteries; installing a couple of computer fans to improve ventilation to the rear of the fridge; and planning the repainting job to be done over the winter.

See main photo album (146 of them).


St John’s lock, Lechlade.
Banner photo: Thames between Kings and Eynsham locks.


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