Ely to Cambridge: 10-11 May

Got up ridiculously early to be sure of a visitor mooring in Cambridge, this was not really necessary as there was plenty of space. But a good discussion with Anton (the boatman at Clare), James and Amy on NB WILLOW, and quite a bit of rootling about working out the electrics of the boat (following an intermittent fault caused by a loose connection somewhere). Then to a concert in the evening (Jeremy performing) and a very windy run back to Ely on Sunday.


Two views of Ely cathedral, from the SouthDSCF3763 DSCF3723 __________

Vistor moorings in Cambridge, just below Jesus lockDSCF3731 

Plough Reach, navigating (correctly) on the left side of the river DSCF3742 

Dinghy sailing just above Bottisham lock – note the rounding buoy in the distance.DSCF3746


Approaching Upware



Geese and ducks on the washlands – hundreds of themDSCF3757


I told you it was windy … (near Soham Lode)DSCF3762



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