Waterbeach and Wicken Fen

A relaxing weekend trip. To Queen Adelaide on Friday night – a quiet settlement with three level crossings but not a lot else. Finished off research for the boat’s wiring diagram on Saturday morning (end results here).

Then back to Ely on Saturday to await the arrival of Tim and Jane. Gentle cruise to Waterbeach – excellent GOBA moorings just above the lock – to await arrival for dinner of Jeremy and Hugh. They got lost cycling along the river. On Sunday a very early start, to Wicken Fen for breakfast, then explored the fabulous nature reserve (National Trust) before arrival of Fiona and Paul for lunch. Very hot. Gentle cruise back to Ely, and then home.

Queen Adelaide railway bridge – Norwich line ...



Ely WatersideDSCF3810




Waterbeach mooring – Bottisham lock in the backgroundDSCF3818


Waterbeach – 0515DSCF3822


Waterbeach – 0520DSCF3824


Approaching Bottisham lock – 0525


Bottisham lock – 0530DSCF3835


Below Bottisham lock – 0540



Wicken FenDSCF3844 DSCF3853


Paul and FionaDSCF3854


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