Cambridge for the Bumps – June 2014

A weekend trip to Cambridge to see the bumps.

On Thursday evening I tried out the new mud anchors on the section just to the north of Ely – banks not useable – which worked a treat and delivered fabulous views in the morning. Decided to put out a riding light, which was probably not really necessary.

Then to Waterbeach to put the bunting out and get lunch ready for the arrival of nine students – neice Hannah and four of her friends (cheering for Newnham) and son Peter and three of his (cheering for Robinson). Went along the bumps course three times, causing some confusion to the marshals, and then moored at Jesus Green for a quiet evening.

On Saturday we were joined by the Raven family for a gentle cruise down the bumps course and then on to Ely, with progressively wilder weather. After a very quick pack up and then back to Cambridge in time to Hear Jeremy play in a concert in Kings. Then home by car (after getting a jump start,  due to leaving the headlights on).

Ely cathedral, at anchor just to the north of the railway bridgeDSCF3856

DSCF3857 __________

Bottisham lockDSCF3865


The GOBA moorings at Waterbeach. Putting out the bunting – colours of Clare boat club for whom I rowed many many years ago.DSCF3866 __________

Lunch. Hannah and her friends, and Peter and his friends.
You can work it out.


The pub at ClayhitheDSCF3875


Approaching Baitsbite lockDSCF3880


Going back down the long reach, passing boats who
bumped out in the previous division


Approaching the start – just got there in time

(with thanks to Ewan, who was on the bank)



The start, viewed from Baitsbite lock.
We had time to turn above the lock, and then reverse into the lock to await the start – as all of the lock moorings were occupied by rowing boats. At this point the marshals gave up on us, I think…



Rupert testing the whistle, and William proving you can
steer the boat with a broken wrist.

DSCF3909 DSCF3906


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