Wicken Fen

After work trip to moor on the Old West near to Pope’s Corner. On Saturday morning I polished the engine room floor, and tightened the fan belt, then in blazing heat to Wicken Fen. Bought some rugs from the National Trust shop, and then an easy run back to Ely.

Railway bridge on the Old West, near Pope’s CornerDSCF4016

River Cam, approaching Upware


Upware LockDSCF4021


Wicken FenDSCF4022 DSCF4023 DSCF4025 DSCF4027 DSCF4030 DSCF4031 DSCF4034 ______

Moorings at UpwareDSCF4036

River CamDSCF4037

The weed now clearing – Pope’s CornerDSCF4039


One thought on “Wicken Fen

  1. Hello Jane

    Lovely photos of your trip up to Wicken Fen. We’ve done it several times with friends on a Sailfish from Cam Sailing Club. We’ve had annual trips with them for many years, also to Upware, mooring at the Pub for drinks to go with the picnic. We’d love to catch up with you in Ely this year if that’s possible please? It would be a trip down memory lane – I still have find memories of Regent’s Park Canal with my small boys (30 years ago or more)!


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