Tideway: Limehouse – Woolwich – Teddington

Once again, another intreprid tideway cruiser was kind enough to give me space on board their boat, to operate the VHF and pass on a couple of tips. I joined Shaun on narrow boat WHAT’S THE RUSH, also accompanied by the wideboat FALCO skippered by Michael.

We left Limehouse a little behind schedule (inbound narrowboats from Teddington rightly took priority) and then had an easy run downriver to Gallion’s Point, arriving there about 30 minutes after low water (but still no discernable tidal flow). A number of dinghys from the Greenwich Yacht Club were out near the Barrier.

On the way upstream, Central London was very busy with trip boats, clippers, and RIBs, but we passed upriver without incident. No rubbish barges today. We were overtaken near Wandsworth by several narrowboats who had also set off later than us from Limehouse, heading upstream. We caught them all up at Richmond, arriving just as the half-tide weir opened (so depriving me once more of my first trip through Richmond lock …)

Selected photos below (full set here)

Leaving Limehouse



Approaching the barrierDSCF4053


Ballet with the Woolwich FerryDSCF4064


Upstream through the barrier – Shaun at the helmDSCF4069


Blackwall point. Thames Sailing barge HYDROGEN out for the day, with a party on deckDSCF4074


Canary Wharf pier. It was nice to have some vessels smaller than us.
There were several groups of kayaks out on the river, all well organisedDSCF4075


Rain threatened, but never arrivedDSCF4078


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