Early Autumn on the Ouse and the Wissey

A long weekend trip – left Ely at lunchtime on Friday (after stocking up with Phurnacite). Lunch half way to Litttleport, where Alasdair did his ice bucket challenge via a swim in the river. We wondered if he would respond like this, but were disappointed. To the Jenyns Arms at Denver for dinner – our first visit, and we will certainly go again, not least for the puddings.

On Saturday dropped down to the relief channel, exploring Downham Market and buying an onion (we had hoped one might have fallen off the large trailers we saw all weekend carrying this local produce). Then to Khartoum Wood for lunch and a gentle potter to Stoke Ferry, returning to a very fine wild mooring (here).

Up early on Sunday, tested the mud anchors at the lake at Wissington, trying to convince Norah the factory is not really that ugly. Then back up the Ouse, and the first part  of the Lark. Brief stop at Prickwillow to visit the museum before heading back to Ely. Some nice photos towards the end of this posting from Alasdair and Norah (album)…

Approaching Littleport


Norah and Simon (by popular request) somewhere near Brandon Creek.DSCF4470——
Wissington sugar beet factory, including several shots of “the familiar plume of steam rising from the drier chimney during the winter months”, to quote the British Sugar factsheet.DSCF4472 DSCF4477 DSCF4478 DSCF4479

Upper Wissey – approaching the syphonDSCF4480

Head of navigation – Stringside drainDSCF4488

Back on the OuseDSCF4489

DSCF4494 DSCF4495——

And now for some more artistic photos from our visitors, Norah and Alasdair.
Three on the Ouse, the rest on the Wissey.

DSC_0020 copy P1100443



P1100506 P1100505 P1100503 P1100501 P1100493 _1100495 P1100508 P1100507


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