Punts and the Backs

A gentle run up from Ely on Saturday – pausing at the Fish and Duck to replace an empty gas cylinder. It rained for the last hour or so: saw lots of wet rowers taking part in a Rob Roy regatta (2014 Small Boats head race). Did  a bit of tidying up on reaching Jesus Green, including polishing the paintwork and throwing some things away.

On Sunday, the rest of our crew arrived (making twelve in total). In the company of NB WILLOW (see their blog) we had a fun trip up the Cambridge Backs – this is allowed between 1 October and 31st March – after notifying the Cam Conservators and carefully reading their guidance note. As the weather was so fine, there were quite a few punts around, with varying degrees of navigational skill being displayed. We went VERY slowly: it took us 45 minutes to cover the 1 mile from Jesus lock to Silver St bridge, and 45 minutes to return. 

Our passengers were gradually dropped off (at Jesus lock, Baitsbite, and Waterbeach) and I had a solo run for the rest of the trip, arriving Ely at 1900 (just as it got dark).

A very satisfying day, and quite challenging in parts. The only accident was Alice and Rachel knocking the foghorn in the river – since replaced …

And now for photos – with thanks also to Jeremy and Tom. Some more also from Valerie here.

Getting ready for the off – Jesus Green

DSCF4500 DSCF4501

Jesus Lock – we met up with Willow who decided to go through backwards & turn above the lock


Approaching Magdalene BridgeDSCF4511

St Johns – the Bridge of Sighs and the Kitchen Bridge




Trinity Hall on the right. Some students doing some work, perhaps.IMG_3271

Garret Hostel LaneDSCF4521

Clare – we’ve been over this bridge many times. Five who matriculated there in 1978 were on board.DSCF4524



Clare on the left, Kings on the rightIMG_3279 IMG_3280
Queens – Mathematical Bridge. Willow disappearing under Silver Street bridge to windDSCF4528 DSCF4530 DSCF4533


Turning around – helped by the stream from the Mill.IMG_3285
DSCF4534 DSCF4535
ueens again


Sharing the river with lots of punts



Clare againDSCF4543 DSCF4547 DSCF4550


JohnsDSCF4554 DSCF4556
agdalene – the lowest bridge at the apex – although others were more awkward


Back on a more normal stretch of riverDSCF4557

Approaching Ely

DSCF4571 DSCF4574


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