Backs Encore

After a complicated discussion with the marina about electricity meters, a gentle evening run up from Ely to Upware. Arrived in the dark, but finally got to visit the Five Miles from Anywhere pub this year. Set off in the morning, also in the dark – first light and sunrise on the approach to Waterbeach.  Travelled up from Baits Bite with an enormous armada of single sculls – rather fun. Saw James and Amy from WILLOW preparing for their morning outings, and arrived Jesus Green 1015. Spent the day with Jeremy.

An early start on Sunday morning, with the benefit of the clocks going back, to:

  • add some corrosion inhibitor to the engine (Ankorsol)
  • repack the stern tube greasers
  • track down the cause of an intermittent leak into the boat (principal suspect was a wonky rivet on one of the windows, which I replaced, with liberal application of silicon sealant). This required turning the boat around twice, interfering slightly with Paul’s rowing outing (see here for his recent trip on SG)
  • fix a desulphation unit to the domestic battery
  • fit a new internal light (which I had assembled myself, reusing an existing fluorescent fitting, with LEDs – very bright!)
  • and go shopping for lunch at the handy Co-Op.

Then various old friends came on board for another trip up the Backs. Weather not as good as last time, and also fewer punts.

Jeremy plus his friends joined us for a rather crowded lunch, after  his graduation the previous day. We then offered technical advice to a passing novice crew from Newnham College, in particular to bow, who was related to a number of people on board. I hope Catherine will forgive us. Jeremy and friends then took the boat back to Ely, stopping overnight on the lovely GOBA moorings at Waterbeach.

Just south of Ely

DSCF4577 DSCF4582 DSCF4583


Baits Bite lockDSCF4593

The Long ReachDSCF4596

Jesus LockDSCF4630

St John’sDSCF4632


Trinity Hall – Peter & Gwendoline


Clare – Jane gallantly went ashore to get these photos

DSCF4645 DSCF4649 DSCF4653

Back at Jesus Lock – Mike and Judith preparing to operate the lockDSCF4664

Swimming at Waterbeach (not me – I was in the office)IMG_3334


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