River Lark – at last

The lock at Isleham has been closed for several months, but it finally reopened in November, with new chains on the guillotine gate. The EA  had some quality control problems with the replacements, apparently: not something you want to fail when you are underneath the gate.

Started with various winter maintenance tasks. Tested my very neat new battery charger (Sterling), and decided I needed a galvanic isolator as well. Pumped out the bilges, and changed the fan belt and all three fuel filters (engine started first time and didn’t stall once, which is a first).  I visited the hardware shop in Ely to buy a new gas lighter: matches proving less effective – now so damp that 20 are needed to boil a kettle. Set off 1130, very misty, lunch at Prickwillow, and arrived at the head of navigation just before it got dark. An easy run back on the Sunday morning. Only one other moving boat on the Lark – a small  fishing boat.

Ely Cathedral (honest)


Lots of rowers – sharp lookout neededDSCF4667
New moorings between Prickwillow and Isleham, near the Pepper Pot 

DSCF4671 DSCF4673
Approaching Isleham lockDSCF4674 DSCF4677 DSCF4678
Head of Navigation – West Row, MildenhallDSCF4680
Early morning cruising
DSCF4684 DSCF4685 DSCF4686 DSCF4690
The main bend on the LarkDSCF4692
On the way back Ely was easier to see.DSCF4693


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