January 2015: water pump and bilge painting

Arrived Ely just after 8am: the Cathedral looked fantastic in the winter sun. DSCF4806A weekend of maintenance, with a trip to Cambridge on Saturday night to hear Jeremy play in a fabulous concert. The fire was still alight when we got back, but it got pretty chilly overnight (as we had to leave the windows open to vent the paint fumes….) and there was some ice on the water. Hoovering in the morning, but no boating as the weed hatch was not in place  (so the paint could dry) and the batteries had been disconnected and moved (ditto).

Explored Isleham on the way home: excellent Sunday roast at the Griifin Arms, and a fabulous church to explore. [I agree with an earlier visitor who was stunned by the clerestory: lots of photos on that website by Andrew Stephens].

Photos of the day:

The view from the mooring … DSCF4807

The new floorboards installed under the water pump – this has not been touched since 1982 and it slightly shows. I will describe the replacements as “temporary”, it will take a little while to replace them with something more permanent (this is just storage space). I will need to treat the lining in due course. I removed quite a bit of rust, in sheets. I will weigh it and then attempt to work out how much thinner the bottom plate must be…. [ADDED: see results here which suggest about 1mm of the baseplate has dissolved from the inside].DSCF4808


Reconditioned water pump – sealed up with Fernox LS-X, lovely stuff- and a new filter installed (only 32 years late). It will be interesting to see how much crud it catches.



I took everything out of the engine room (except the engine). It had to go somewhere, so here is the double bed  in the rear cabin. I may throw some of this junk away.DSCF4814


First coat on the top of the uxter plate. It looked rather smarter after the second coat. I decided not to bother with the floor under the engine as a) it is inaccesible b) the small amount of oil down there seems to protect it very well. I did apply rust treatment and then paint to the floor under the stern tube (a separate bilge). This took 15 hours with the hot air blower before it dried…DSCF4815 DSCF4817 DSCF4818 DSCF4820


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