Wash prep 3: installing the depth sounder

Arrived dusk on Friday. Spent Saturday morning putting the engine room back together, and the batteries in particular.  Then a brisk cruise north to Brandon Creek, mooring at the Ship Inn (and visiting it for the first time – very friendly and cosy). Tested the depth sounder – river 5 metres deep in places – and did various speed checks on the straight section to Littleport. Spent the afternoon sorting out the junk (see earlier posting), and getting it neatly sorted & stored. Converted the engne room light to LEDs.

Setting off in the morning was interesting, with a strong cross wind holding me onto the mooring. A surprising number of rowers out on a very cold and windy morning – four eights from CUWBC.


Newly painted Uxter plate. I need a second coat behind the weed hatch. I probably need to find a small child able to get into that space…DSCF4850 _____

New depth gauge in action just north of Ely


The sounder is held by a couple of magnets. I decided against drilling a 3/4″ hole in the bottom of the boatDSCF4859


Mooring by the Ship Inn, at the confluence of the
Brandon / Little Ouse and the Great Ouse


Good view of the Sugar factory at Wissington

DSCF4857 DSCF4858


Quite a brisk crosswind, approaching Littleport DSCF4862 DSCF4863 DSCF4864


The long straight between Littleport and Ely – handy for measuring my speed at various engine revs. Quite choppy in places.




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