Aldreth – Old West River (Wash prep 4)

A relaxing trip to a fine mooring near to Aldreth on the Old West River. Also experimented some more with the GPS – here is the chart and the log from the return trip on Sunday, which was very windy. (COG = Course over the Ground, SOG = Speed over the Ground, MOB = man overboard alarm triggered). The chart (Harwich to Whitby) is not very informative, but that’s because I was some way from the sea!

I decided that, taking account of wind and stream, I would go through the railway bridge at Ely, turn 180 degrees, and then come back upstream. You can see this on the log (at 1206).


Approaching the Fish and Duck



Stretham Pumping EngineDSCF4881


A digger belonging to one of the IDBs, being used to clean out ditches.
As the Ely group website explains, they use plant and staff to work “out of area”.



Mooring at AldrethDSCF4889


The view from the mooring – 0710DSCF4892


The view from the mooring – 0750

DSCF4897 DSCF4898


The view from the mooring – 0910



Getting ready to depart

DSCF4903 DSCF4908 DSCF4909


Twenty Pence marina



Approaching the Lazy Otter

DSCF4916 DSCF4918


Approaching Fish and Duck againDSCF4920


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