Mud on the backs

A weekend trip to Cambridge, with old friends Lorna & Andy, two of their children (Alec & Elfie); plus Jeremy and Hugh and assorted friends on Sunday. This was the first time that Lorna had been on Scholar Gypsy since 1979: this is the record interval between two consecutive visits, I think.

The trip up the backs was nearly cancelled due to a  large fire at the Tivoli pub on Chesterton Road (see here and here) which closed the river at Victoria Avenue for much of the day. Eventually the river was declared safe and we had the honour of breaking the blue tape (with permission of  the sector commander).

On Sunday a quiet trip up the backs, not many punts. Spent half an hour on the mud anchors near Clare bridge. I made a bit of a hash of turning around at Silver Street, due to a rather large shoal located where I was hoping to stop briefly to pick up Alec. In the end the local punt company ferried him out to the boat, and Jeremy got us off the mud.

An impromptu horn quartet recital at Jesus lock, before Jeremy and friends left us. Dropped off our visitors at Waterbeach – they had a long drive home – and then back to Ely at 1608.

The GPS passed its second test with flying colours –  see log here. I also took some sightings with my new handheld compass: more work to do find a place where the magnetic deviation is manageable!

Fish and Duck – Popes Corner


Lorna and Jane – approaching Bottisham lock


Lorna and AndyDSCF4943

Bottisham lock


Horningsea – we were spotted by a blog reader …
DSCF4946 DSCF4947

Baits Bite lockDSCF4949

Bridge of sighs – the next bridge is the tightest fit 


Clare and Kings

DSCF4958 DSCF4959 DSCF4964

Horn recital at Jesus lockDSCF4968 DSCF4969 DSCF4970

Ely cathedral ….



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