Marathon training and glow plugs

On Easter Monday I walked from Harlesden to Rickmansworth, in training for the London marathon. I will be spectating, while Jeremy is running (see his fundraising page). He ran 22.1 miles in just under three hours. I walked 9 miles, in about 2 and a half hours – stopping to work a couple of locks on the way.

Then in the evening to the boat in Ely, for a brief cruise north towards Littleport – a glorious sunset. In the morning back to the marina to work on the glow plugs (a little frustrating – see this thread for the full detail!), and change the oil. Then a brief cruise south to Little Thetford, very pleasant mooring and pootled about doing various jobs.


Here we are at the start in Harlesden

DSCF4992 DSCF4995

I decided to take a short cut at Aplerton, and took the tube to UxbridgeDSCF4998

I left water supplies hidden near Uxbridge lockDSCF5001

Jeremy (now with friend Tom) overtook me near Copper Mill lock (collecting more water)DSCF5002


Jeremy at the finish



Sunset north of Ely

DSCF5005 DSCF5006 DSCF5009

Early morning run back to Ely – no rowers as they are now on the tidewayDSCF5015 DSCF5016 DSCF5017


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