Final preparations for the Wash

Drove up to Ely on Friday evening, stocked up on dry goods at Sainsburys and then a brief cruise to Diamond 44, one of  my favourite moorings (near the mouth of the Lark). On Saturday I:

  • checked the water trap on the agglomerator – no water and minimal  crud
  • polished the engine room floor
  • cleaned the engine
  • tightened the fan belt
  • adjusted one of the engine mounts
  • reinstalled the VHF radios, depth sounder, chart table
  • tested the sun compass – worked well
  • checked the lifejackets and flares
  • got the long anchor rope and chain ready for deployment
  • installed the ladder on the roof – for when we beach on Roger Sand
  • shampooed, polished and waxed the paintwork, using the new hose system, which worked very well
  • generally tidied up the space under the main bunk and in the wardrobe
  • spoke to Daryl Hill, our guide, about plans for next weekend.
  • pondered if I have left anything out here
  • went and explored the stretch of tidal river near Stow Bridge – this looks the trickiest section.  It was pretty close to high tide so the shoals were not visible, and bridge headroom was limited.


Engine space (NB dry floor), wardrobe storage, under double bed, under front sofa

DSCF5144 DSCF5147 DSCF5146 DSCF5148


Chart table, depth sounder, spare radio, compassDSCF5145


Washing, polishing and waxing done..DSCF5149 DSCF5151


Heading back to Ely



The view downstream from Stow Bridge

DSCF5169 DSCF5168


Stow Bridge, viewed from upstream (and close to High Tide)



Looking upstream from the outfall – Stow hump. There’s a stile there somewhere that is referred to in the guides.



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