Wash crossing – photographs

Here is a selection of our photographs – with thanks to Jane, Jeremy, Griff and Simon T for their contributions. Any captions appear above each photograph or group of photographs.

See other postings for words and videos

0510 – leaving Ely. Griff vaguely awake.DSCF5178

Denver Sluice – do we have enough navigational aids? The GPS dongle is in the ketchup bottle, to the left of the depth sounder. The main VHF set is just out of view.DSCF5180

Getting ready for the off …DSCF5182 DSCF5183

Denver lock – looks familar …DSCF5186

Salters Lode  – now past the point of no returnDSCF5187

Downham Market BridgeDSCF5189

Peter avoiding a shoalDSCF5192

The sun compass in action – 1145 BST, 1045 GMT. It works!IMG_3994

A shot from the bank – passed on by Naughty Cal

Cruisers from Denver, overtaking us en route to the pontoons at Kings LynnDSCF5199

St Peter Wiggenhall (more info on this ruin here)DSCF5200

Another GOBA memberDSCF5202

St Germans BridgeDSCF5203

Middle Level main drain pumping station and outfallDSCF5206

Kings Lynn paper factoryDSCF5212

Relief channel tail sluice (more information)DSCF5213

Kings Lynn comes into viewDSCF5218



And now three photos (by Simon T) taken from the
top of the tower in the centre of the photograph above …

IMG_0251 IMG_0253 IMG_0256DSCF5224

The Harbour Master’s boat, that has been moving all the buoys!DSCF5225

East ferry terminalDSCF5226

West ferry terminal, plus ferryDSCF5227 DSCF5228

Kings Lynn dock gatesDSCF5229

Fishing fleetDSCF5231

Kings Lynn cut – looking back to the townDSCF5241

The ebbing tide on this buoy, which we leave to portDSCF5244 DSCF5246

Jane getting a bit wetDSCF5251 DSCF5252 DSCF5256

Rosie and Jim getting a bit queasy – with their friend the bear from the Jubilee pageantIMG_4014

Jeremy, Peter and Hugh (R to L)IMG_4024 DSCF5258

Hannah consulting the chartsIMG_4032

Heeling over a little …IMG_4035

…. and measured at 12 degrees

measuring angles PROPERLY_4035_1625

Turning to the south, and heading for the Freeman channelDSCF5264

Jeremy and DarylDSCF5265

Freeman channel – Delta buoy. We now leave the red cans to port.DSCF5269

Griff and DarylDSCF5270

Toasting Jeremy’s new job …DSCF5273 DSCF5277

The skipper looks a bit more relaxed now?IMG_4040

Tabs Head – Welland to the left, Witham to the rightDSCF5284 DSCF5285

River Witham – New Cut


Boston StumpDSCF5290

A ship inside the docks – and much higher than us …DSCF5294 DSCF5296 IMG_4054

Boston fishing fleetDSCF5300 IMG_4065

One of the many wrecks in the  mudDSCF5302

Approaching Boston stumpDSCF5304 DSCF5305 DSCF5308

 griff2In  Boston Grand Sluice, passing some refreshment up to the lock keeper while we wait for the tide to rise and make a level.DSCF5312

And now for some videos


6 thoughts on “Wash crossing – photographs

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  3. What fun sea-faring Judges ! I particularly enjoyed the 12 degree list ! There should be more protractors in family snaps I feel !
    Where-ever next ?
    Calais ?
    Alice H


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