Boston to Lincoln – 24 & 25 May

A gentle cruise on flat waters from Boston to Lincoln, stopping overnight at Bardney. Two locks. Captions are again above the photos that they relate to.

Boston Stump – a fabulous churchDSCF5313 Boston – historic streetscapeDSCF5316 DSCF5317 DSCF5318 DSCF5319

Moored above Grand Sluice – to empty the Elsan, which got a lot of use the day before..DSCF5326 DSCF5333

Leaving Boston – Peter’s trousers dried quicklyDSCF5339

Anton’s Gowt – gateway to the Witham navigable drains,
which we hope to explore in the summerDSCF5344 DSCF5345

Langrick BridgeDSCF5346

Chapel Hill – entrance to Kyme Eau (canal to Sleaford)DSCF5352 DSCF5354

DogdykeDSCF5358 DSCF5363 DSCF5367

Southrey – one of a series of rather fine disused stations – with the railway now used as a long distance cycle routeDSCF5369

Barbeque on the pontoon at BardneyDSCF5378 DSCF5381

Small pumping station near Bardney lockDSCF5383 DSCF5386

Bardney lock – huge clumps of weed that we had to flush through the lockDSCF5388


Lincoln Cathedral comes into viewDSCF5394

Stamp End lock, LincolnDSCF5401 DSCF5403

Griff and Sal, with Seyella in the lock in the background, on their way to the
Wash in a convoy of four boats – I had a good natter with them about bacon butties.DSCF5404 DSCF5408 DSCF5409

Glory HoleDSCF5413


Brayford Pool

brayfordDSCF5416 DSCF5422

Pyewipe Inn, near our moorings at Burton WaterDSCF5424


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