Woodhall Spa – 3rd-5th July

Dad and Hugh arrived Friday lunchtime, after a brisk shop in the Sainsburys in Newark. Noted a slight list to port, but worked out this was due to stocks of beer left behind by Griff. A gentle run down to Washingborough. I explored the village, while Hugh cycled to Kirkstead Bridge and back. Managed to store the new spare loo under the main bed! We may need it as the new loo has a much improved flushing pump, which will I think mean that more flushing is done than is necessary

In the morning, an early start by Dad. Attempted to explore the Old River Witham below Bardney lock but a weed boom was in place, so dropped the mud anchors instead and had breakfast. Arrived Kirkstead Bridge at lunchtime, polished both sides of the boat. A quiet afternoon, Hugh cycled nearly to Horncastle.

The cooker had by now died completely, after a day of misbehaving. So to the pub in Woodhall Spa for supper (fish and chips from Grimsby) before going to see Jurassic World at the Kinema in the Woods – a real experience, unlike many modern cinemas. The film was similar to earlier ones in the series, but noiser and with some  novel ways for dinosaurs to eat humans. Looked at the 617 Squadron war memorial afterwards, in the gloaming – the Dambusters were based here.

On Sunday a easy run back to the marina, checked the GPS was still working (results here). A late lunch (not cooked). Worked out the fault must be with the regulator, fortunately the marina had one in stock and the gas now works fine. Set off 1640 and home at 1940 (135 miles), pausing for an ice cream on the Nene at Wanstead (NVR).

Captions are above the photos to which they refer.

A rare shot of Hugh steering  – just left the marina


Lincoln – I am afraid to say each time I go through it, the less I like it (from the water)


Buying an ice cream


Stamp End Lock

DSCF5558 DSCF5560

The pontoon at Washingborough


Washingborough church


Drainage channels near the pontoon – you can see the old railway going over one.

DSCF5564 DSCF5565

Bardney Lock


Breakfast on the Old River Witham – on the mud anchor.
Weed boom just visible in the distanceDSCF5573

A typical wild and isolated stretchDSCF5574Another rare shot of Hugh steering


Kirkstead Bridge – built 1968


Views from the bridge: the station NB the level crossing which controlled access to the swing bridge across the river, until the new bridge was built, the view downstream to Boston, the pontoon, and a view upstream with Lincoln cathedral and Bardney sugar works just visible





.. and a similar view when Griff & Sal, Judy & Andy, and Andy & Sarah
were on board on 20th June .


Lincoln Cathedral on the skyline, on the left of the photo just to the right of the clump of trees (distance 13.8 miles). Bardney sugar works is on the right, just above the second electricity pole (distance 5.8 miles)DSCF5586

Woodhall Spa

DSCF5590 DSCF5592Returning to the marina

DSCF5594DSCF5595Another rare shot of Hugh steering, just above Bardney lock I think.

DSCF5602 DSCF5597



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