Summer trip (2): Witham and the Boston navigable drains

We had an easy run down to Boston, stopping at Washingborough (Friday night), and Kirkstead Bridge (Saturday lunch). See earlier postings for more photographs of the Witham.

Peter joined us by taxi from Sleaford, though he was a little late as he had caught the 1135 stopping train from Kings Cross to Peterborough, rather than the 1135 from Kings Cross to Leeds, first stop Peterborough.

We spent Saturday night at Dogdyke, and Sunday and Monday in Boston.

On Sunday, at Anton’s Gowt we met up with COMPASS ROSE and  OLLY OAKS – we planned to cross the Wash together on Tuesday – before exploring some of the Witham navigable drains.

On Monday we went by bus to the Battle of Britain memorial flight at RAF Coningsby (near Dogdyke) and also up Boston Stump, before completing victualling and other preparations for the Wash.

Captions are above the photographs to which they refer

Jane walked from Washingborough to Bardney, along the cycle path. Some sculptures

DSCF5952 DSCF5954

Watering the plants (bought at Gringley-on-the-Hill)DSCF5955

Rescuing a boat with an overheated engine (weed/mud in the cooling circuit?), towing them back to the marina at Dogdyke.
Of course this required the deployment of the heaving lineDSCF5966

Tattershall BridgeDSCF5968


The River Bain – part of the navigation up to Horncastle (now derelict)DSCF5971

Some AWACS at RAF ConingsbyDSCF5972

Tattershall Castle and ChurchDSCF5973


Approaching Anton’s GowtDSCF5979

A seal swimming along with usDSCF5986 DSCF5992

Anton’s Gowt – entrance to the drains.
For the record of our trip down the drains, see here.DSCF6004

Back on the Witham and heading down to the visitor moorings in Boston.DSCF6081 DSCF6084 DSCF6086

On Monday, we caught the No 5 bus (every hour on the hour) to Coninsgby to visit the excellent Battle of Britain Memorial Flight – you get a well-informed tour around the hangar where these planes are maintained.

A vintage V12 Rolls Royce Merlin – later versions were nearly a hundred times more powerful than my four cylinder diesel. Our guide said they needed a complete rebuild every 400 hours – all I do is change the fan belt and the fuel filter… DSCF6088

Spitfire Mark 9 MK356DSCF6093

Hurricane PZ865DSCF6096

Lancaster PA474 – expected to be airworthy again very soonDSCF6100

Then back to Boston Stump, and  a quick climb up the Tower  – or rather about two thirds of the way up.

Two ships on their way in from the Wash – timed to arrive at High TideDSCF6103

I think you can see the cream band on Scholar Gypsy’s stern in this photo looking northDSCF6105

… and here is Lincoln Cathedral, 51 km away on the skyline
(under the yellow arrow – honest).DSCF6112_LincAsda superstore in the backgroundDSCF6108

Maude Foster windmill again, behind another shopping complexDSCF6109

Grand Sluice holding back the tide, now above river level.DSCF6110

Historic Boston – the HavenDSCF6113

Looking down to the tidal riverDSCF6116 DSCF6117 DSCF6118

The second ship nearly ready to turn, before berthing in the docks.DSCF6119 DSCF6121

Just a glimpse of the railway swing bridge – in the open positionDSCF6122

So tomorrow we should be off across the Wash.


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