Halloween on the Brandon Ouse

We arrived in the dark on Friday evening. A bit of tidying up on Saturday morning, and then Alex and Gail came on for a weekend, to discover if they liked narrowboating (they did!).

We had a four hour run to Hockfield Fen on the Brandon Ouse, finding a lovely isolated mooring. We returned in rather spooky mist on Sunday morning.

Lunch at Littleport


Brandon Ouse


Training completed … DSCF6605  

DSCF6610 DSCF6611

Botany Bay – day boats for hire from here …DSCF6612

Hockfield Fen – a very isolated mooringDSCF6615 DSCF6618 DSCF6619 DSCF6621

A misty Sunday morning, ready for the off ..DSCF6623

Redmere Fen: A good location for a ghost story?.DSCF6624

Brandon BankDSCF6626

The only boat we saw moving on the Little Ouse DSCF6627

Diamond 44 moorings, between Littleport and ElyDSCF6632 DSCF6635


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