Lark in December

After filling up with diesel, a two day trip to the head of the Lark, and back. Then did some useful Christmas shopping in Ely. Also fitted a new chain (a modified sink plug chain holder) to the Chinaman’s hat; and bought a new coal shovel, the previous one having gradually rusted away.

This was the final trip of 2015 – the boat has been in use for 62 days this year.

Captions are above the photographs to which they refer.

Heading north from Ely towards LittleportDSCF6665

Just after turning into the LarkDSCF6667

Between Prickwillow and Isleham – very isolatedDSCF6671 DSCF6673 DSCF6678

The new moorings – now open for businessDSCF6680 DSCF6682

Approaching Isleham LockDSCF6683 DSCF6684 DSCF6685 DSCF6686 DSCF6688

West Row – head of navigation.
The slightly rickety moorings at the pub – good fenders neededDSCF6692Looking downstream towards the pubDSCF6689

Looking upstream towards Mildenhall  – not navigableDSCF6690 Isleham lock – I also explored the backwater a littleDSCF6693 DSCF6694

A Team GB sculler on the Lark – a rare sight!DSCF6696

Pretty foul conditions on the way back to Ely.DSCF6699




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