To the Ship Inn at Brandon Bank – March 2016

An easy weekend cruise to the Ship Inn at Brandon Bank – also on Twitter  – for a fine pint and some tasty Lamb Cutlets.

Before setting off, I fixed the stove door which was not closing properly. The bolt had seized up, so ….


… first I drilled it out …


.. and then fitted a new bolt (stainless steel) with washers and nuts. I added some copper grease (normally used on exhaust system mounting brackets) so that (in theory) it can be adjusted


Then a shopping expedition to Ely, for food and (most important) some new walking boots as the current ones are leaking and generally falling to bits. Also bumped into various boaters that I know.


The new CUBC Boathouse is finally taking shape, just north of Ely – projected cost £4.3m



It got pretty windy on the stretch to LittleportDSCF6927 DSCF6931

The Junction with the River LarkDSCF6933 DSCF6934

Nice to see another narrowboat on the move – he had the wind behind himDSCF6935 DSCF6937

Just before the flagpole got blown over by the windDSCF6938 DSCF6939

North of Littleport, the weather calms down a bitDSCF6940

Moored at Brandon Bank, after 2 hrs 15 mins cruiseDSCF6945 DSCF6949

.. and a rainbow ..DSCF6950 DSCF6953

On Sunday morning, some elbow grease
on the chimney, which polished up nicely

DSCF6982DSCF6957 DSCF6961 DSCF6962

Turning at the mouth of the Brandon Ouse: good view of the Ship InnDSCF6963 DSCF6964

A nicely subsiding cottageDSCF6966


A lone sculler from Rob Roy, and then various blue boatsDSCF6975 DSCF6978       DSCF6920  DSCF6924  DSCF6926


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