The Backs in March

A busy but relaxing trip up to Cambridge on Friday, followed by the Backs on Saturday morning (four Clare alumni and one postgraduate student from Hughes Hall). A chilly return to Ely, arriving just before dark. Weather somewhat overcast, cold & windy, but it did not rain. Not much flow on this bit of the system, at least.

Captions are above the photos to which they relate.

On the Cam – fire going well, following a boat bound for the moorings just below Bottisham lock

DSCF6988 DSCF6989 DSCF6991 DSCF6994

Between Waterbeach and Baits Bite



Approaching Jesus lock, fenders not yet stowed..DSCF7002

Magdalene College, and one of our visitors DSCF7003 DSCF7005

Bridge of Sighs, St John’s


SPJ with David, visiting from SydneyDSCF7009

Approaching Clare BridgeDSCF7015

Jane and SimonDSCF7017 DSCF7020

Coming upstream through Silver St Bridge, just about to turnDSCF7026  DSCF7029

Daffodils – Queens CollegeDSCF7031

Clare againDSCF7034 DSCF7039

Our guests: David, Tim and SimonDSCF7040 DSCF7044

Waiting for a couple getting married at Trinity HallDSCF7048

St John’s CollegeDSCF7050 DSCF7054

Simon steers safely through Magdalene BridgeDSCF7058 DSCF7059

Descending in Jesus LockDSCF7060

SPJ, Simon and DavidDSCF7063

We passed several boats on the way downstream to Ely, the Georgina and then a Black Prince boat from Ely…

DSCF7067 DSCF7068

Baits Bite and then Bottisham DSCF7069

DSCF7072 DSCF7073

The Cathedral slowly comes into viewDSCF7074 DSCF7075 DSCF7076


And finally – fitted the new air filter (K&N, cleanable).



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