Medway 2016: recce trip

St Pancras Cruising Club are doing a cruise to the Medway this year. (More detailed information here).

I joined the final recce trip this weekend, to

  • inspect the moorings at Rochester – the public ones and those run by Rochester Cruising Club, who were very helpful
  • visit Medway VTS at Garrison Point in Sheerness-on-Sea — they were very helpful and pointed out the key waymarks to look out for on the way into the Medway
  • Queenborough, to inspect the visitor moorings and visit the Yacht Club – also very friendly.

I didn’t take many photographs – maybe because two of us had to cycle 20 miles to and from Sittingbourne as the train was not running.

Rochester – which way is the sea?


Looking upstream from the bridge – visitor mooring pontoon first on the left, and then the Cruising Club behind (lots of Tupperware).DSCF7197DSCF7198DSCF7202

On the visitor pontoon, looking upstream …DSCF7203

… and looking downstream towards the bridgeDSCF7205

The inside of the pontoon – should be useable but NB the ladder and the piles. About 80 feet between the upstream end of the pontoon and the Cruising Club moorings?DSCF7206

Medway VTS At Garrison Point, Sheerness-on-Sea. Borrowed from their website, as I forgot to bring my drone.
Their base is at the top of the fort right on the point in the foreground.
The Swale (and the route to Queenborough) is off to the left at the top of the photo, past the docks & the rather large car park!


Queenborough, just before we found the pub.DSCF7208


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