Reach and Wicken Lodes

Jane and I had a relaxing weekend trip to explore two of the Cambridge lodes. After filling up with diesel (80 litres used since December), we cruised up to Reach. Quite narrow, and it got rather shallow for the last half mile. Explored the village (we missed the Fair by a few weeks) and the beginning of the Devil’s Dyke. Smart pub, but no food as the kitchen has burnt down.

On Sunday, in overcast weather, we travelled to Wicken Fen. Jane bought some flowers for the roof box. I installed a second heaving line at the front end of the boat. Then back to Little Thetford mooring to wash and wax the paintwork – we decided to leave the polishing until later. A brisk and very tasty supper at the Cutter Inn – first time we’d eaten there.

Leaving Ely – I never get bored of this sight


We saw an enormous amount of wildlife. First some geese …DSCF7631

… then some swans …DSCF7635

… then more geese …


… and then this chap. Our ornithological consultant Catherine says this is  either a Common or Arctic Tern, otherwise known as a Comic Tern [groan].  He followed closely behind us for an hour, diving every now and again to catch a fish. I think the stirred up water must have made it easier for him to fish (or harder for the fish to see him coming …)



Upware lock – rather a lot of engineering for a three inch riseDSCF7645 DSCF7646

Ahead the channel splits. Reach to the right, Burwell to the left

DSCF7650 DSCF7652

Lots of rushes and grassesDSCF7658 DSCF7659

The Village Green at ReachDSCF7664

Mooring at The HytheDSCF7666

Setting off in the morning – stirring up the siltDSCF7670

Heading back down Reach LodeDSCF7672

I got out the hose and started scrubbing the roofDSCF7676

Looking back towards ReachDSCF7687 DSCF7688

Wicken Fen, new flowers bought and planted


Waiting for the guillotine to let us back onto the CamDSCF7707

Little Thetford, very windy. Shampooing the boatDSCF7716 DSCF7718

Back on our mooring at Ely – railway in the background


The shine has not yet worn off.DSCF7721


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