May Bumps 2016

I decided to take the boat up to Cambridge to watch a bit of rowing in the Bumps. First, Hugh had his training session in advance of taking some fellow students (from Emmanuel College) on for a trip on SG next week. Here he is, reading the boat’s instruction manual


Then he took the boat through Bottisham lock on his own, telling me what to do


And then he set off into the distance, leaving me on the bank


I caught up at Clayhythe, where I cleaned the boat and installed the bunting – the colours of Clare Boat club, where I rowed many years ago…


As it was nearly  Her Majesty’s birthday, I also broke out the Diamond Jubilee flag. Approaching Horningsea.


Baits Bite lockDSCF7748And here is the last boat in the bottom men’s division – a Clare boat as it happens!DSCF7751

A few shots to show the start of each race (a fuller explanation, and the rules, are  here).
At 30 seconds to go the boat is pushed out with a pole, with someone on the bank counting down  …DSCF7753

.. and the crew are now waiting for the starting gun. Note the cox is holding the bung in her right hand – this is connected via a chain to the bank. She must not let go until the race starts.


And they’re off – you can just see the bung flying through the air. It sinks rapidly so that it does not get entangled with the following boat.DSCF7755

Trying to catch the crews in front  …DSCF7757

I then follow the race at a sedate pace. Chesterton footbridge, and boats coming down for the next race.DSCF7762

I then walked to the Emmanuel Sports Ground to watch Hugh (on the right) play cricket.  I missed his wicket-keeping exploits in the morning (three catches). So instead I saw him keeping the score, doing some umpiring, and then putting his pads on just before the game was won (without needing his batting skills).DSCF7764

Moored at Fort St George. Clare 1st VIII heading downstream for the start. They made four bumps this week – quite an achievement.DSCF7766

The Long Reach, after the last race.DSCF7772

The GOBA mooring at Waterbeach. Some nettle bashing needed to make it useable.DSCF7773

Pope’s Corner – junction of the Cam, Great Ouse, and Old West rivers. DSCF7783

Crews from Rob Roy, a rowing club now based at Pope’s Corner.DSCF7786


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