Allington To Queenborough – June 2016

After the SPCC flotilla had explored the non-tidal Medway, I rejoined Andy on ARTHUR DENT at Maidstone for the run down to Queenborough. For the main trip from Queenborough to Bow Locks, see here.

Intermittent very heavy rain, which kept threatening to lead to sunny intervals. Chart and log  here

Maidstone: the Archbishop’s Palace in the background – setting off downstream in the rain


Maidstone Bridge


The view upstream from the weir at Allington Lock. The rain was so heavy the safety briefing was adjourned to the pub,DSCF7806

Looking downstream at Allington Lock.
It was raining too hard to get a decent photo of the boats in the lockDSCF7807

And we’re offDSCF7809

Aylesford – new and old bridges, and the churchDSCF7812 DSCF7813

Wouldham, I thinkDSCF7816

New road bridge under construction, just before RochesterDSCF7817

Viaducts carrying the M2 and the High Speed 1 railway route from St PancrasDSCF7820


Medway Estuary – the weather clearsDSCF7825 DSCF7826 DSCF7827

Some cranes againDSCF7832

Six boats already moored up on the concrete lighter at Queenborough – we keep the trot boat busy ferrying us all to and fro,

After a quick dinner at the Flying Dutchman, we were made very welcome for our pre-trip briefing session at the Queenborough  Yacht Club. As part of this, I talked about toast, and showed another one of my powerpoint presentations….

Then back to the concrete barge for pudding. Excellent scones by Sue from Indigo Dream – and we each got a jar of special commemorative jam, see the “gadget” photo in the next posting. [Andy photo]


Andrew distributed medals and port, and to mark the 201st anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo we toasted the Duke of Wellington. [Coincidentally, the RMS St Helena paid its final visit to London earlier in the week]. Then some of us caught the final trot boat service just after 2130, for prompt lights out.DSCF7836


2 thoughts on “Allington To Queenborough – June 2016

  1. Another great post from Scholar Gypsy, many thanks Simon, always intesting.

    I was especially impressed by the port/starboard cufflinks – something no self respecting mariner should leave at home!
    Johnny, Shosholoza


  2. Nice to hear from you, Johnny. The cufflinks were a very kind present from the other crews to Andy and to me. I think maybe inspired by me admitting to red/green colour blindness at one of the briefings


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