Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – July 2016

I was invited on board MR BOJANGLES to help on the trip around the Olympic Park, and then the tidal segment from Three Mills Lock to Limehouse, via Deptford Creek. The tidal bit was cancelled as the wind was too strong.

This chart shows the route – we did the stadium loop first (green) and then the waterworks river loop (red), before returning to Bow Locks to moor. Captions are above the photographs to which they refer. Some (mainly from the bank) are from Jeremy who came on board with some friends. (See Hammock blog here).

LATER: some links added to photos  courtesy of Paul and Nicki from PHOENIX, and their timelapse  below. If you know where to look, you can see me …


Ready for the off – pairs of boats departing at 60 second intervals. This was done pretty smoothly. About 50 boats taking part in total.

DSCF7984 DSCF7985 DSCF7986

Some boats were moored further upstream, they tagged on to the back.DSCF7987 DSCF7988



Floating towpath, just before going under the main Liverpool Street railwayDSCF7993

Northern Outfall sewerDSCF7996

Old Ford Locks. We leave the Lea at this point to enter the Olympic Park proper! The security boom has been moved out of the way.DSCF7997 DSCF7998

Turning right near Carptenters Road lock, not yet in use but being restored soonDSCF7999 DSCF8001


The Orbit, now with an added helter skelter.DSCF8002

We were boat 9 in the convoy – here we are passing boat 1 (DORIS KATIA, with organiser Andrew Phasey on the helm) who have already turned. The City Mill river is still blocked by crossrail works, but not for long.DSCF8005



A bit of a queue for the winding point.DSCF8011


A little later – now going through City Mill lock – gates open at both end.DSCF8022

Under the Northern Outfall sewer, again. Lower this time as it is inclined downhill.DSCF8023

Aquatic centreDSCF8027

Passing DORIS KATIA again, on the Waterworks RiverDSCF8029 DSCF8030 DSCF8033

IMG_2647DSCF8035 DSCF8036

LOTUS NO 10 turning at the head of navigation – that bridge looks a bit low – by the other end of Carpenters Road lock.DSCF8040

About the only wildlife I spotted during the day.DSCF8041

Heading back south along the Waterworks RiverDSCF8042

ARTHUR DENT waiting for us to get though City Mill lock (one way traffic only!)


… and back at our mooring.DSCF8046


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