Pope’s Corner

The day after the Olympic tour, a quick trip to Ely. Went to evensong in the Cathedral – fabulous (Howell: St Paul’s Service). Then a quick trip to the moorings at the start of the Old West. I was intending to go to the Lazy Otter, but it was a bit too far. On Monday morning set off before 5 in order to get back to the boatyard in time to catch the 0744 train to Nottingham! No other boats moving.

Leaving the boatyard


An unusual sight – a family of three herons, plus nest. DSCF8061

Pope’s cornerDSCF8062 DSCF8063 DSCF8064 DSCF8065

An 0450 start in the morning …DSCF8067 DSCF8068 DSCF8071 DSCF8076 DSCF8082 DSCF8083


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