Round the World Clipper race – London 2016

An early start, to board MV ERASMUS at Tower Pier at 0715. We were going to cruise downstream to meet the clippers returning to London at the end of the 2015-16 round the world race, which started in London back in August 2015. More details of that race here – I don’t pretend to know that much about it…. And loads more photos and videos on their twitter feed here.

A selection of  my photos here – the rest are here.


First, a widebeam and a narrowboat (CHARLOTTE MAY, from Thorne), inbound from Limehouse (departing about 0700).



Then three more narrowboats  – the second locking at Limehouse. We passed them just downstream of Wapping. Only one name partly visible – NAUTI-LASS??




Business as usual on the river – a large crane barge on its way back to Leith (Edinburgh). I think it will have been working on the pier extensions further up river.


Our first sight of the inbound boats – twelve of them – tangling with the Woolwich Ferry.
They still had a mainsail up, though it wasn’t doing much as they were motoring dead into the wind.



DSCF8296 DSCF8298

Approaching the Woolwich Barrier. Three spans open for inbound traffic, with the yachts taking ECHO span and the accompanying trip-boats and other hangers-on taking DELTA and FOXTROT.DSCF8303 DSCF8307 DSCF8311 DSCF8319 DSCF8325

Turning head to wind, at Blackwall point, to take the mainsail down. Quite a task, even in very calm conditions.DSCF8328



And still the river continues as normal. The isophase light was flashing on span no 2 on Tower Bridge, but the tug decided not to enforce their right or way, and took span no 3.


Bang on time for a 1000 bridge liftDSCF8357


Milling about in the Upper pool, before a 1030 bridge lift and then locking in to St Katherine’s Dock.DSCF8364


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