Sharpness recce

On the way back from South Wales, after passing over the (old) Severn Bridge, we did a slight detour to reconnoitre Sharpness Dock – one end of the Bristol Channel tideway trip. I wonder whether we will ever do it? Road access (B4066 coming in from the south/right on the photo) was a bit tricky, as most of the roads were private.


Looking upstream (from the CRT picnic area) to the ship lock gates – the inner water level was right at the top. This section also has a third set of lock gates – out of shot to the left – but not in use today.


This narrowboat looked very incongrous


The view downstream – low tide so rather a lot of mud. The Severn Bridges were out there somewhere. Piling on either side of the dock entrance.

DSCF8805 DSCF8807

Looking upstream from the upper swing bridge


… and downstream. We also drove over the shared rail/road swing bridge in the foreground – a very strange experience, but I don’t think any trains have been over here for quite a while, to judge from the vegetationDSCF8812


Here’s a nice drone video by Jay Clements showing the parts we didn’t quite get to, and also some of the Purton Hulks on the River Severn.


While I am about it, some photos (sorry on the phone’s camera) from a 2012 recce in Liverpool.





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