Curtains and floorboards

A slow drive up from London on Friday night. Cruised to Little Thetford, arriving in the dark.


Spent most of the morning replacing the curtains. Also took out the grotty plastic curtain tracks and replaced them with chunky brass rods. Here’s the before …dscf8814

… and the after … dscf8823 dscf8824 dscf8829 dscf8831

Curtains made by In-Fabrics of Haverfordwest.


I then cruised on to the Lazy Otter on the Old West, where we are booked in for blacking and some welding work in November. Had a brief chat with Kenny, and also James and Amy on NB Willow who had spent the week in the dry dock.

dscf8836 dscf8840

One for the trainspotters. Containers en route to Felixtowe, near Ely Dock Junction.dscf8844

On returning to Ely, I decided to lift the carpet to look at the slightly squidgy floorboard near the side hatch. I rather wished I hadn’t: another job for the winter..dscf8846

Finally, I should note that when Hilary and Tony took SG up the Little Ouse in September, the engine reached its 5,000th hour. I really should sort out the tachometer, which has been  stuck for  rather a long time.



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