Floorboards and old silicon

A crisp day in Ely, replacing the floorboard near the side hatch, which had gradually rotted away. Went for a short cruise to Diamond 44 (on the way to Littleport): lots of CUWBC  scullers and fours. Some quite heavy rain, and actually saw the water coming in at the top of one of the windows. Discovered that all the silicone sealant tubes I had – even the unopened ones – had cured and so were useless. So slapped a bit of gaffer tape on instead.

The view from the mooring


A rather large hole has appeared in the last few months


Old floorboard removed – well most of it.
I decided to leave the section on the right behind as removing it would mean dismantling rather a lot of other things.
The fore-aft steel beam is part of the work done when the boat was extended in 1994.dscf8936

New piece of marine ply, cut to fitdscf8938

New section in place – I  had to take it up again to put the ballast blocks back where they belong.dscf8941

Lots of rowers, north of Ely. I forgot to take a photo of the new CUWBC boathouse, which looks nearly finished and is already in use.dscf8946


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