Blacking, and no more singing

To the Lazy Otter boatyard on the Old West River, to pick up the boat after it had been out of the water for a week. Ken (and his welder) did the following:

  • jetwash and black the hull (not the base plate which was very clean – one of the advantages of a slipway over a dry dock is that I could get right under the boat)
  • remove the rubbing strake around the bows, plug a hole, repair some of the steelwork, and stick the strake back on
  • fit a new set of anodes
  • treat the inside of the hull under the side doors – a bit of rain damage discovered when replacing the rotten floorboards.

I also spent an hour filing down the propellor, in theory to deal with the prop song we have had for the last twenty years, at certain engine revs

So rather a lot of black photos, I am afraid.


Starboard bow, with the plugged hole under the refitted rubbing strake (the lower of the two)


The hole under the rubbing strake – photo by Ken.


Gas locker drain hole, port sidedscf9009

I had a good look along the side of the boat, to see if I could work out why we got stuck in a lock on the Chesterfield last year. No obvious reason.dscf9010 dscf9011

Good clearance under the hull – two substantial trolleys used to winch the boat out of the waterdscf9015

Rudder, rudder post, prop and weed hatchdscf9017

I filed down the propellor blades between the two tape marks, on the rear edge, to an angle of about 30 degrees, following the instructions here. I reduced the thickness at the edge by about 50%.


Rudder, prop and skeg.dscf9022 dscf9023

Ready to go back in the water. I moved the car to Ely while Ken put the boat back in.  He plugged the exhaust with a bicycle inner tube (inflated).dscf9025 dscf9026 dscf9028

A breezy day. NO PROP SONG!dscf9029 dscf9030

I turned around and stopped at the Fish and Duck for diesel and gas.dscf9031

Approaching Ely.dscf9033


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