Floorboards and carpets

Near-final preparations for the trip up the Backs next weekend. I, and another St Pancras Cruising Club member who moors in Ely, are taking a number of SPCC visitors to Cambridge and back. Arrived in the fog at 1915 on Saturday night, just missing the fireworks.

The task for Sunday was to replace another rotten section of floorboard, remove the carpet tiles (about 15 years old, I think?), hoover the floor, and fit new carpet tiles (annoyingly I needed 41, so just breaking into the third box). I also painted and cleaned the stove (I did this first). A brief trip in the late afternoon sun to the Cutter Ferry, for no particular reason.

This will leave a number of tasks for next week:

  • fit the curtains on the front window (all the bits have now arrived from RCR).
  • fill the water tank
  • empty the loo
  • clean it – as it got rather dusty from the work on the bilges recently
  • work out where to put the hand scythe that I bought on a recent holiday to Herefordshire
  • apply mastic to a window and see if that stops the leak
  • work out where to store my new megaphone (birthday present)


I ended up lifting most of the floorboards in the original (1978) section of the boat – ie dinette and galley). To be honest, I think all the bilges here need a bit of work.

Looking back from the galley


Under the dinettedscf9037

Looking forward towards the galleydscf9038

New carpet in the saloon, and newly painted stove. Old megaphone still in situ.dscf9039 dscf9040

Looking back down the boatdscf9041

Old carpet tiles and floorboards awaiting disposal



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