St Pancras Lock Open Day

I spent a few hours visiting St Pancras, in the middle of the stoppage there (new bottom gates, refurbished top gates), and helping a bit to host visitors to the Waterpoint, which St Pancras Cruising Club had opened for the day.

The view from the waterpoint …


Gasholder apartments (not all sold yet – see here)dscf9217

St Pancras basin, Javelin train in the backgrounddscf9220

The construction site for the new footbridge, which will end up just right of centre on the far bankdscf9222

St Pancras Station, and the Crick institute for biomedical research


And now inside and around the lock …dscf9223

Bottom stop planks. A bit of modern concrete, and unusually (sorry no photo) a bottom cill made from steel.dscf9224

New gatesdscf9227

Invert, looked in good conditiondscf9228

Looking up the lockdscf9230

Top gatesdscf9231

Top paddle culvertdscf9233 dscf9234

Looking down the lockdscf9236

Assorted workboatsdscf9237


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