Batteries and the Lark

A three day trip to do various jobs on the boat, and then a trip to Jude’s Ferry at the end of the Lark. First the jobs …

Fitted two new domestic batteries – the previous pair lasted since 2013 so I suppose I should be reasonably pleased. The little box on top is a Sterling desulphator: not sure it does a lot. The new ones had a second set of auxiliary terminals – I’ve no current need for them.

dscf9239 dscf9243

Tightened the stern gland, polished the engine room floor,
and adjusted the weed hatch.dscf9244

Installed the plaque from the 2016 trip to the Medway – rather honoured to get one of these as SG did not take part in the trip…


Inspected the  new bubble tester – the BSS check showed a small leak and so it seemed sensible to get one of these installed at the same time.dscf9271

And now the boating ..

Heading up the Lark, between Prickwillow and Isleham

dscf9247 dscf9248

The Washes just before Isleham lock. Lots of geesedscf9250 dscf9253

A brief exploration of Lee Brook. Deep but a bit narrow.
I did not fancy reversing in the wind,  so I did not go very far!dscf9254 dscf9256 dscf9257

Approaching Jude’s Ferry – pub just visible in the gloom.dscf9258

Setting off the next morning. All four fenders were in use to protect the paint against the rather rickety (and slippery) jetty. Intermittent snow: quite cold but not unpleasant.dscf9264

The Pepperpot house near Islehamdscf9267

Quite a few Cambridge rowers out on the Ouse – using their new boathouse (will take a photo next time – officially opened in December). Rather gloomy so I put my new navigation lights ondscf9268


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