SPCC – Tideway trip 2017

I joined NB Grace – hosts Priscilla and Peter, who  kindly gave me space on board – for the St Pancras Cruising Club annual tideway trip. 26 boats in total, leaving Limehouse on the ebb, down to Margaretness and then up to Teddington (with some boats heading for Brentford).

The first boats locked out at 0530, we went at a more civilized 0730 in the seventh out of eight lockings. Arrived Margaretness 0830, set off again 1015. Barrier 1110, Tower 1240, Waterloo 1300, Hammersmith 1415, Brentford 1500, Richmond Weir 1540 (after a brief wait, it opened a bit later than expected), Teddington 1615, an hour before High Water.

A selection of photos are shown below. In addition:

  • the rest  of mine are available online here (for a few months);
  • Tim Lewis (on FULBOURNE)  here
  • Andy Clarke (on CORACLE) here;
  • his crew member Philip Barrass here;
  • and from Mimi here;
  • Nick and Carole on CALMORE-C here;
  • John and Sara on SUNSHINE hereand
  • Jim and Helen on MORIALTA here

I lost my hat near Woolwich barrier. This thread suggests it may stay there for quite a while, but in fact it was found in Greenwich a couple of days later, and kindly returned by a local, Tony. Weather largely overcast with a bit of rain, so not brilliant for taking photographs. Central London was as expected very congested, but we were only once referred to as monkey barges …

Captions are above the photos to which they relate.

CALMORE-C,   leaving Limehouse

The ship tier at Greenwich – none of our group hit them, at least ..

Charlie span

Woolwich Ferry

The lead boats had already been here for two hours.
The PLA launch on the right was checking they were still awake.



We start to move upstream, getting into single file  Woolwich Arsenal


A near miss at Hookness


Some bridges – Tower, London, Blackfriars and Westminster

Blast – Big Ben hidden by the plastic! Peter and Priscalla enjoying the trip.

A grandstand view of RECOVERY and three barges executing a turn to port to stop at Cringle’s Dock (Battersea power station). The right hand towing line to the third barge was slackened off, so it could make the turn in articulated mode: very neat.

Some schoolboy sculling races (an unusual octuple scull) at Putney. Dulwich packed up, so Westminster won by default.

A number of boats locked in at Brentford

Richmond Half Tide lock.


The restored PLA / EA boundary post just before Teddington

We all packed into the barge lock at Teddington – bags of space.



2 thoughts on “SPCC – Tideway trip 2017

  1. Thanks for the photos Simon. We were more towards the front of the convoy going back upriver. I heard on the VHF that ‘Grace’ had to go round at Woolwich and heard a bit of horn honking too. Were you having fun playing ‘Dodge The Ferry’?
    Looking at the photos I still can’t quite believe we were part of the event. Wonderful fun and WELL DONE to SPCC for such excellent organisation.
    Stuart Makemson
    NB ‘Red Wharf’
    Currently at Berko heading to Brum for the BCN Challenge.


    • No that was another boat in front of us who did a 360 turn to make room for the ferry. We just hung back and let them go across. I don’t know why they gave five blasts (dum de-dum de-dum), maybe just a bit of fun on their part. We certainly weren’t obstructing them. Glad you enjoyed the trip.


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