Burwell and Wicken Lodes

A relaxing weekend on the Cambridgeshire Lodes. Arrived 2200 on Saturday evening, after a day on the tideway (see previous post). On Sunday set off 0550, arriving Burwell 0900 – I’ve not been here since 2011. Went to Burwell church –  a friendly congregation, and an amazing building with fabulous wood carvings on the roof. Built in C15th by one of the master masons who worked on Kings College Chapel – the local view (see here) is that he practiced there first…

Then to explore Burwell Castle, a bit hard to follow as it was abandoned when half built in 1144 – see here!

After lunch pootled down to Wicken Fen, walked further along the lode to the village, sampled the good pub, and back to the boat. The moorings were busy – three boats moored. Woken early by a rather loud cuckoo, did various gentle jobs on the boat (including perfecting a device to separate clean water from oily bilge water). Pleased to see that the engine and cabin bilges remain dry, so earlier work on that has worked. Filled up with diesel at the marina in Ely.

Well marked works for the new bypass to the south of Ely.

A bit of weed on leaving Upware lock:
the rest of the lode was clear

Burwell to the left, Reach to the right

Farm bridge, still used. Normally left in this position

Ponies on the low land between the two lodes

One of the many pylons feeding into the switching station at Burwell

St Mary’s church

Burwell castle, I think this is the moat

The section of the lode that is not formally navigable. Quite a few boats moored here.

EA moorings, taken from the limit of navigation

Burwell Lode

Wicken windmill  

Sunset on Wicken Fen


Returning to Ely the next day


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