Cambridge bumps – trip with Hugh and friends

Set off at 0400 on Friday (because I was awake!) and arrived Waterbeach at 0615 – passing quite a number of all-night fishermen. The new gland packing on the stern tube was working well.

My son Hugh arrived by train, with a number of his friends, and then we took a trip, in very hot weather, up to Jesus lock and back. We cheered on lots of Emmanuel College rowers, and also (less noisily – I was in a minority) Clare (see fun bit of video here). On Saturday I did a similar run with Jeremy (see separate post).

Hugh’s crew weren’t quite fast enough in the getting-on race – but here are a couple of photos of them in that race (he is at No 3, with his cap on back to front).

Somewhere near Upware

Approaching Bottisham lock

The GOBA moorings at Waterbeach.
I got out the bunting (St David’s flag, also Clare College colours).

Emma rowers – their race (bottom division) was stopped for reasons we couldn’t quite discern

Emma crew going down to the start

All the crews have now spun and are ready for the start of M3 division (more on the bumps and how they work here – and a short video here).
We got to the end of the course with a good five minutes to spare, after regular communications with the marshals.

Clare 3rd Men’s boat, sandwich boat at the foot of the M3 division, ready to start.
Read their report – they had an eventful week – here.

A peaceful evening at Waterbeach, and  rested before the next invasion (see here).


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