Repacking the stern gland

A slightly fiddly job – requires some contortion – to repack the gland on the stern tube. I last did this in 2011, so 6 years is not at all bad. The stern gland has been dripping a little more than usual recently, despite regularly tightening the nuts .. The following two days were spent following the Bumps in Cambridge – see separate postings for Friday and Saturday

First, assemble the necessary tools. The most useful one is the telescopic dentists’ mirror, which enables me to see if any packing is still in the gland.

First, remove the nuts on each of the bolts and withdraw the “pusher”

Clean the prop shaft, and using the mirror to look along the prop shaft and see what is going on, to supplement what you can feel.

Cut three rings of (8 mm) packing, to go in at 120 degrees offset.

The gland after reassembling – note the locking nuts are now much further out than at the start.

The old packing – outer ring on the left, inner ring (what was left of it) on the right.

Briefing evening cruise to the Little Thetford moorings


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